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Lemonmyrtle oil

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Lemonmyrtle oil

│ Description │

Lemon Myrtle is reputed to have a ‘sweet’ citral fragrance and taste. Other ‘lemony’ essential oils come from citrus (3-10% citral), lemon grass (75%), the tropical Verbena (74%), the Lemon Scented Tea Tree (80%) and the Lemon Myrtle, (90-97% citral).
Early last century Lemon Myrtle was used in Australia as a source of citral rich essential oil for lemon flavouring, but it was later replaced by other ‘lemony’ essential oils. By 1990 lemon myrtle was rediscovered as a potential new crop.

│ Function │


│ Feature │

skin toner is private prickly skin,skin eruption,skin allergy,a pimple,atopic dermatitis.especially effective a freckled face or body

│ Specification │

Dib the lemon myrtle leaves in boiling water and Use body preparation. And you can use this as face pack by grinding the leaves then mixing with the yogurt or honey.
*Relieves & Calms Atopy dermatitis
*For the treatment of Acne, Blemishes, Pimples
*Prevent various dermatitis

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Lemonmyrtle oil