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Lemonmyrtle aroma salt

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Lemonmyrtle aroma salt

│ Description │

Lemon Myrtle is reputed to have a ‘sweet’ citral fragrance and taste. Other ‘lemony’ essential oils come from citrus (3-10% citral), lemon grass (75%), the tropical Verbena (74%), the Lemon Scented Tea Tree (80%) and the Lemon Myrtle, (90-97% citral).
Early last century Lemon Myrtle was used in Australia as a source of citral rich essential oil for lemon flavouring, but it was later replaced by other ‘lemony’ essential oils. By 1990 lemon myrtle was rediscovered as a potential new crop.

│ Function │

anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-fugal,sulfation,anti-inflamatory mineral supply, low-sodium salt,nature antiseptic and preserve with all food.

│ Feature │

mineral supply,pork dish, fish dish, etc get rid the of the stiuk use all food.

│ Specification │

When the oil embedded in the leaf is mixed with food, it provides a natural preservative function, sweet scent, and flavor.
*Keep Sasimi fresh
*Removes fishy smell
*Makes the meat tender
*Acts as a natural preservative
*Use making cheese, lemon tart, pasta, pizza and sizzling.

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Lemonmyrtle aroma salt