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*Prulant company information
We do our best as a specialist Eco-Lemon Myrtle company and hope to offer the beauty and health life to you. We introduced our products with years of research and exertion. Our company is the only one of growing Lemon Myrtle Leaf in Korea.
The Lemon Myrtle Leaf has Anti Anti-bacterial effect, Anti-mycotic effect, Natural antibiotic, and Anti-inflammatory effect.
We provide the body health, skin health and beauty and Aroma care using this Lemon Myrtle Leaf.

*Business Mission
Our business mindset is contributing to our health and beauty with Healing, Well-being, Scenting Life.
Premium care life in Lemon myrtle.

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NamePrulant
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2013
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentKim Sujin
  • Phone+82-51-294-1998
  • FAX+82-51-302-1998
  • AddressMarinbio111,116 140bungi baegyangdaero700bungil sasanggu busan
  • Product Category Food & Beverage > Health Food
    Food & Beverage > Seasonings & Condiments
    Food & Beverage > Seasonings & Condiments > Salt
    Food & Beverage > Tea
    Health & Medical > Health Food

Additional Introduction

*Lemon Myrtle
Backhousia citriodora - Lemon Myrtle is a native Australian tree growing naturally from Brisbane to Rockhampton in a range of altitudes from 50 to over 800 m above sea level. The Sunshine Coast and Proserpine area are identified as main areas of natural strands.

Lemon Myrtle is reputed to have a ‘sweet’ citral fragrance and taste. Other ‘lemony’ essential oils come from citrus (3-10% citral), lemon grass (75%), the tropical Verbena (74%), the Lemon Scented Tea Tree (80%) and the Lemon Myrtle, (90-97% citral).

Early last century Lemon Myrtle was used in Australia as a source of citral rich essential oil for lemon flavouring, but it was later replaced by other ‘lemony’ essential oils. By 1990 lemon myrtle was rediscovered as a potential new crop.

*Efficacy of Lemon Myrtle
-Keep Sasimi fresh
-Removes fishy smell
-Makes the meat tender
-Acts as a natural preservative
-Good scent and taste
- Throat Care- Alleviate throat
- Enhance Immune System-Protect flu and fine dust, Anti-bacterial effect, Anti-mycotic effect, Natural antibiotic, and Anti-inflammatory effect.
- Helps to stop Bad Breath and Sterilization effect
-Relieves & Calms Atopy dermatitis
-For the treatment of Acne, Blemishes, Pimples
-Prevent various dermatitis
-Relaxing & Calming influence / Ease Mild Tension and Anxiety
- Throat Care-Relieve throat pain caused by excessive tension on the throat
- Support & Enhance Immunity System-Protect flu and fine dust, Anti-bacterial effect, Natural antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory effect
- Helps to stop Bad Breath and Sterilization effect

*Lemon Myrtle Farm
Lemon myrtle farm is located on the clean natural of Jirisan, and we cultivated myrtle using Eco-friendly technique. Prulant farm has formed an advanced system of years of assiduous effort and study. There are perfect condition and science system for growing Lemon myrtle.

*Lemon Myrtle Farm facilities
The front view of the farm / House control 1 / House control 2 / Auto-sprayer system / Heat Pump Cooling & Heating Machine room / Heat Pump Cooling & Heating control System / Heat Pump Cooling & Heating / automatic celling sectionalizer

*Lemon Myrtle Cosmetic Factory
Prulant cosmetic is based on Jeju natural aquifer water. The water contains a lot of minerals which have immense anti-aging effects. Finest mineral particle of the water is well sprayed and maximizes the effects of cosmetic.

*Lemon Myrtle Factory
The solar salt is produced on the west of Korea. The salt is rich in mineral and is removed impurities and bittern as washing and cleaning mechanics.